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Rick Jarrett embodies what Country should be about. Sharing a passion for real life values; honoring and protecting the rights of veterans, the care and well-being of senior citizens and promoting the importance of children by providing them with atmosphere and knowledge to grow up strong, healthy, educated and with open minds.

In his new CD entitled, It's All Good, Rick reminds us that LOVE does make the world go round, but it has many facets. In the featured song, Talkin’ Dirty, he reflects on the sometimes rough and playful relationship between two lovers.

His song entitled That's What Dreamers Do, reminds us that HOPE and DREAMS also make the world go round; but it is not enough just to dream... saying and doing are two different things; dreams are to be acted upon.

Other songs on his It's All Good CD, are pure fun, Ride'em Cowboy and All My Blues Are Wearing Jeans are great line dancing hits. It's All Love and To Be Loved By You are great country songs that Rick co-wrote with his producer and friend, Tom Paden, about that special relationship in their lives. Tom, by the way, wrote most of the songs on this CD. I'm certain that after listening to It's All Good in it's entirety, you'll realize that it's really a "feel good" country treasure overall.

By definition, Rick Jarrett is what Country artists should be, a reflection of us.

Rick is a family man, helped to raise his 3 children, served this great country and is a Vietnam veteran. A professional singer for almost 20 years, It's All Good is his first venture into country music. He felt that it was time to sing songs that actually tell stories at this stage in his life.

In addition to being a family man having strong family values, Rick has found that singing for various senior groups, assisted living homes and social groups for 17 years, has been extremely rewarding for him as he feels that seniors are very often forgotten. To him, “seniorhood”, is a very special time in our lives for us to pay special attention to those who once paid attention to us.

Rick's children have always been the center of his life; he helped raise the 3 of them as a dad involved in their daily life; playtime and homework, a coach in all their sports...carried some on his back while others hugged his waist and walked on his shoes. Although they are now grown and live in different parts of the country, they still remain very close. He now has 3 grandchildren that also share his love.

Rick has always been concerned about all children, about how they are raised, their education and especially, in this day and age, that they grow up with open minds. Rick has helped train children at a karate school, Nicky's Pro Karate, when he obtained his Black Belt in mixed martial arts (MMA). He honestly believes that it makes them strong, confident, more focused about life and it teaches them to respect their elders and others around them.

AND, Rick can sing! Please take a listen to Rick's Country music on It's All Good and see for yourself what kind of man he truly is.

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"I met Rick at the X-Factor LA auditions. I'm so proud to have met a Vietnam Vet who went on a Command Tour in Nam, singing for soldiers in hospitals, Long Bien Prison, firebases, and for orphanages. To this day, he still supports, fights for, and believes in Veterans' rights."
      - Anna Neal, Veterans' Affairs, Los Angeles