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Music Reviews

"... you are blessed with a God given gift with your voice..."
      - Paul Freeman, DJ for Go Country 105.1FM, Los Angeles

"... there is no doubt that you are a very talented performer..."
      - Paul Freeman, DJ for Go Country 105.1FM, Los Angeles

“Rick Jarrett might just be the poster child for what was considered to be an ideal American citizen. Jarrett served his country in Vietnam; came home and raised a family, and continues to serve others through music.

Jarrett has been performing for twenty years, spending a great deal of time singing for senior groups, assisted living centers and social groups. More recently, Jarrett forayed into the world of country music, recognizing its form and essential honesty as the perfect platform for his real life stories.

Rick Jarrett recently released his debut album, It's All Good, a collection of twelve songs about the power of love and dreams in their many forms to transform the world.

Rick Jarrett brings a maturity and presence to country music… emanates a distinct authenticity and goodness that is sorely amiss from much of commercial country music these days… Even with a voice that sells more on commitment and passion than tone, Jarrett shines like a rough hewn diamond on It's All Good”.

- W Haskell, reviewer ReviewYou.com • ArielPublicity.com

“I met Rick at the X-Factor LA auditions. I'm so proud to have met a Vietnam Vet who went on a Command Tour in Nam, singing for soldiers in hospitals, Long Bien Prison, firebases, and for orphanages. To this day, he still supports, fights for, and believes in Veterans' rights.”

- Anna Neal, Veterans' Affairs, Los Angeles

“I watched Rick do some of his uptempo Country-rock and swing; he moves like a black Elvis Presley... I'm serious! He's going to change how country singers traditionally move on-stage.”

- Preston, President of PG Entertainment, Atlanta, GA

“I think about how Rick looks so sexy in Wranglers when he performs on stage... oooh baby! Almost forgot my husband was sitting right next to me!”

- Merle G., Atlanta, GA

“Having already created CDs for both love songs and for jazz compositions, Rick Jarrett’s latest CD entitled It’s All Good finds him going in yet another direction, as he creates an album that features a dozen songs that fit into the Country vein. Whether you like contemporary country music, country rock or swing music, the music created for this album will definitely satisfy any lover of country music, no matter what style you like.

The most important thing to say is that Jarrett’s voice is very versatile: He is able to handle many different styles and sound like he’s been singing that style forever. Singing the songs on It’s All Good, Jarrett sounds like he belongs in country music.

Since Rick Jarrett uses his voice as his instrument, others had to be brought in to help create the music on the album. One particular person who helped shape It’s All Good is producer Tom Paden. Along with helping to shape the music on the album, Paden was also responsible for writing the majority of the tunes.

Together with Paden, Rick Jarrett’s album is a strong album from beginning to end.”

- M. Kamin, reviewer ReviewYou.com • ArielPublicity.com

Rick Jarrett’s It’s All Good is sure to please old school country fans, while also bringing in new fans of the genre. Jarrett seems to have a great sense for creating variety from song to song while making everything feel like it fits. That’s a real art and he pulls it off well.

It’s All Good is nearly a perfect disc…the focus on various old-time country sounds with a modern air makes this set work very well. It is, in fact, all good, and most of it’s great.

- G W Hill, reviewer ReviewYou.com • ArielPublicity.com